Monthly Archiv: April, 2013

Spring plantings and sunburn

Cool northerlies all day yesterday but mostly clear skies in the afternoon and evening. Got a nice dose of sunburn on my head after spending the afternoon in Cabinteely park with wife and delighted 1 year old. Great fun chasing the ducks around the pond was had. the sandpit in the childrens play area was a big hit too.

Planted out runner beans, mangetout, and dwarf french beans -“fire tongue”.

Courgette and and cucumber growing nicely in the greenhouse for the moment, too early to plant outside I think, planning on doing that in the last week or so of May.


Test Gallery

Spring has sprung!

After a record breaking March with seemingly never ending cold it seems Spring has finally arrived.
Temperatures today have reached 15.8C at the time of writing- the highest since I started recording the weather in October last year.


Oxalis Tuberosa

The greenhouse is filled to bursting with seed trays delayed from planting due to the recent inclement weather.

Planted Oca yesterday which is a new crop for me. They are frost sensitive so hopefully we have seen the last of the severe frosts until the Autumn now.